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Books and songs are read/sung to the children. It's a subscription site but has some free resources. There are several seasonal stories on the site.
Nedra Isenberg
Audible Books For Kids
Go to the bottom of the page for 99 cent specials and free downloads from RIF.
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Wildlife Filmmaker
Become a movie maker in a matter of minutes. Younger children can put together a movie of favorite animals. Challenge older children to do a movie featuring a certain habitat and put in some detailed sentences in the captions.
Creativity, Reading, Writing
Nedra Isenberg
National Geographic

I have not checked this site out thoroughly but it has great videos, pictures and articles to check out with your child.
Reading, Science, Social Studies
Nedra Isenberg
National Geographic for Kids
One last site for National Geographic! This is the Kids's Page. Lots of different things to explore here. Videos, games and more.
Reading, Science, Social Studies
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A place to tinker and mess around. There are four different activities; Cloud Dreamer, Puzzle Blocks, Word Play and the third graders favorite-Tinker Ball.
Creativity, Science
Nedra Isenberg
These are a collection of games that make you think. The first graders tried Inch Worm. The third graders did Frog Jumper. Both games were well liked.
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Children practice math facts and spelling in a competitive format with someone from around the world. You sign up for your child/class. Children are identified by a color/animal/number combination. You can check your child's progress. I think this will be a great site for those kids that love competition.
Nedra Isenberg
Roy the Zebra
Reading website for emerging readers.Guided reading story about Roy the Singing Zebra as well as interactive reading games on rhyming words, capital letters and more. No registration is required. Lesson plans and printable worksheets are also available.
Nedra Isenberg
Big Universe
At this site you can read books online, some however are difficult to read due to small print. Children can also make their own books with stamps and backgrounds.
Nedra Isenberg
Education City
Use the login information in the email you've received to access this site. Checking out this site is on my summer to do list!
Various Skills
Nedra Isenberg
Looky Book
Great quality books to read online. Your child could also write a review. Some books are difficult to read because the print size is to small. You can search for books by author, illustrator or subject. You don't have to register to read the books.
Nedra Isenberg
Build Yourself Wild
This is a for fun site. You build yourself as an avatar and then you can give yourself animal characteristics.
Nedra Isenberg
Scribble States
This site does not work on our school's computers.

Complete a dot to dot and then identify the state or its capital.
Social Studies
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NASA for Kids
Stories to read and activities to do from NASA. The activities are divided into two grade levels-K-4 and 5-8.

Reading/ Science/Math
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Google Lit Trips
You'll need to download GoogleEarth to view these lit trips. Google Earth is a free program. Classic stories are combined with Google Earth. Make Way for Ducklings and Big Anthony are two of the stories that can be viewed.
Reading/Social Studies
Nedra Isenberg
Into the Book
At this site your child can work on reading comprehension skills in a different way. I've only checked out a few parts. When working on visualization the child reads a passage and then draws a picture of what was read right online.
Nedra Isenberg
This is a site you'll want to check out first and find some Voicethreads that your child would be interested in viewing. You'll also need to set up an account which is free. If you have a microphone you'll be able to add to other comments to other Voicethreads and then try to make one of your own-you could do one on your summer vacation-upload some pictures, your child can comment on what's happening and then you can share it with friends or relatives and they can comment as well.
Reading fluency
Nedra Isenberg
Spelling City
If your child has spelling review words for the summer this is a fun place to practice those words.
Nedra Isenberg
This is a site for young children from the makers of Sesame Street. It introduces children to what it's like in other parts of the world.
Social Studies
Nedra Isenberg
This site has a section for parents, teachers, law enforcement and kids all about internet safety. In the kid section children meet cartoon characters that teach them about different aspects of internet safety.
Internet Safety
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